“Let Them Follow You”

                Youth Leadership Camp

                09-15 July 2018 | Jurmala, Latvia

It is an intensive experience-based summer camp  that will enable you to explore key leadership, cultural concepts and to have chance to figure out your competences on individual leadership skils.

What is it?
Being a leader is a special privilege given by people and it comes with certain responsibilities and expectations. While leaders are aplenty, good leaders are few and far between. Exemplary leaders who understand the sensitivities of different cultures and can effectively bring people together are even harder to come by. With the increasing complexity of issues our societies are facing right now, we need leaders who care about making positive change, starting with themselves. We need leaders who understand the importance of bringing people of different cultures together to build trust, synergy and mutual respect. We need leaders who dedicate their life purpose to creating positive ripple effects that transcends cultures and boundaries. We need leaders who care about growing others to be the best leaders they can be.

We believe that authentic leadership should start by looking within oneself – knowing who I am, what I stand for and what my purpose is. Only when we have the answers to these questions should we then look outward to others – who I want to influence, how I lead others and the kind of impact that I create on the people around me.

Who is this camp for?
“Leadership from Inside-out” is a summer camp training course for youth, facilitators, youth workers, youth leaders, educators and teachers, who want to enable individuals to reach their full potential and who, above all, are keen on developing themselves as the kind of leader that makes a real difference.

What will you be doing in the 7-day programme?
You will undergo an intensive experience-based programme that will enable you to explore key leadership and cultural concepts and theories (e.g. situational leadership, Hoefstede’s cultural dimension theory) and their associated skills (e.g. observation, feedback, active listening).

We will create the space and the context for you to explore the following questions:

* WHAT defines me?
* WHAT kind of leader am I? What is my style of leadership?
* WHAT kind of leader do I want to be?
* WHAT kind of influence do I have on others?
* WHAT are my personal biases?
* WHERE does my source of power come from?
* HOW do I see people of different cultures?
* HOW can I bring people of different cultures together?WHAT is my contribution to connecting peoples of the world?


There are mainly three main elements that we expect you to have in mind:

One, that you should be ready, open and committed to explore within yourself at a deep level, however challenging the journey may get; Two, that you are also responsible for other participants’ learning and growth, not just your own; and Three, that you come with an intention to make a real difference when you go back to your organisation or community. Your learning and transformation should be evident from the way you lead future projects or teams.


During the camp, you will explore:

- Leadership concepts and theories

- Leading and being lead

- Group dynamics

- Trust in team members

- Self-confidence and being/talking in front of the group

- Intercultural learning

- Giving and receiving feedback


Where is it going to happen?

The Summer camp is going to be organized in Jurmala, Latvia. The city is 25 km far away from the capital of Latvia, Riga. Jurmala is a resort town stretching 32 km and sandwiched between the Gulf of Riga and Lielupe River. It has a 33 km stretch of white-sand beach, and a population of 56.000, making it the fifth largest city in Latvia.



What is the program?



Most of the day will be spent taking part in outdoor activities. There will always be some free time in the afternoon, where you can play sports, games, take part in activities with the other participants or just relax a bit.



- No alcohol

- No drugs

- Only smoking on the designated places

- We meet on time


Your Packing List:

Below is a list of some of the items, we recommend you bring along for the summer camp:

** Clothing: You will mainly need summer clothes, but bring along some warmer clothes and waterproof items,

as the weather in Latvia is quite changeable: A warm day can easily turn into a cold, rainy one. A waterproof

jacket is essential.

** Hat and sun cream.

** Footwear: We recommend that you bring good walking shoes, or any other suitable shoe, which you have

already worn in. Try not to bring new shoes, as they are usually more uncomfortable. Waterproof sandals will

also be useful.

** You can bring a sleeping bag/sleeping blanket & pillow and your own sheets if you wish

** We recommend that you bring a small rucksack to carry your belongings, when we are doing activities away

from camp as well as a flash-light and a water bottle.

** You will also need to bring swimming costume/trunks.
** You will need to bring any medication that you need for treating chronic illnesses

What about the accommodation?

Participants will stay in a cosy hotel by the baltic sea with the name "Baltic Beach Hotel&Spa"

What is the program?





-Opening the Project

-Presenting the program,

-Getting to know each other,

-Project details,


-Emergency Plan

-Name Games

Discovering the social realities of the surrandings,


Creating the working groups for video, picture, and activities.


“What is leadership?”

Designing the camp flag

Presenting the experienced leaderhsip skills

Swimming Activities

Sightseeing tour in Riga

Visiting Local Youth Organization

Ice-Hokey evening





Morning warm up

Teambulding activities

Volunteer work

Treasure hunt in the city

Cooking Baltic Dishes


“Who am i”?


Create your own path

Let them follow you

Planning the next training

Learning outcomes

Flash Mob

Farewell Party





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